Galactica – Creative Multi-purpose Muse Template download

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Galactica is a Creative Multi-purpose Muse template. It could be used for different type of sites, such as portfolio, agency, app landing page and all kind of business sites. If you want to amaze your customers – this template is for you. Onepage design included. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment.


  • One-Page Muse Template
  • Fullscreen Slider
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Lightbox Portfolio
  • Over 100 Typekit Webfonts
  • Creative Design
  • Easy to customize
  • Social Ready
  • Contact form
  • Over 400+ Font Awesome Icons
  • Typekit Webfonts
  • Perfect control with Layers
  • Muse, HTML, CSS Files
  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Version
  • Perfect Documentation
  • Muse CC 2014.3 files and HTML
  • 7/24 Support
  • Credits

    Photo / Illustration Credits

    Note: All images are just used for preview purpose only and not included in the final purchase files.

    Atom – A Design Studio PSD Template download

    ATOM is a responsive friendly, Creative Agency PSD theme. It is well grouped and properly layered to make the slicing process easy. It is highly customizable, because of the use of layer styles and shape layers. So if you want to change colors and details, you can tweak the layer style of any specific layer and you can easily customize it’s appearance. The theme is designed based on a 960 grid system. Want to change the default background wooden texture? No problem, just edit the background texture layer and you are ready to go! You can grab some background ideas from various websites, or substitute it with a texture or image of your own.

    The PSD templates also feature designs for a Request a Quote concept page, that may be useful if you want to quote your clients online.

    Also, as a bonus I have included 3 additional color schemes for the homepage. Using these as a guide you can easily convert the rest of the pages to the color scheme that suits you best.

    ATOM PSD Files Included:

    The psd folder in the zipped file contains 13 .psd files that are the following:

    1. Homepage
    2. Blog Page
    3. Post page
    4. Portfolio – Grid View
    5. Portfolio – List View
    6. Portfolio item
    7. Request a Quote
    8. Quote Accepted
    9. Contact
    10. Styles
    11. Homepage // Yellow color scheme
    12. Homepage // Dark color scheme
    13. Homepage // Green color scheme

    NOTE: Images are NOT included in the download files.

    Fonts Used:

    The fonts used in the design are the well known Helvetica (System Font), Nevis and Droid Serif (Google web font). Those last two fonts are both free and available for download:


    • Icons used in the design are from the awesome icon pack by Brankic1979, free for download at:
    • The design also makes use of the iconsweets2 icon set. It is an amazing freeware iconset that can be downloaded from
    • The images at the preview files are taken from the Creattica ( ) website and are NOT included in the download files.
    • Currently the background textures makes use of patterns from Subtle Patterns . Visit their awesome website to download more and experiment.
    • Thumbs up to Orman Clark for some design elements I have used in the design. Visit his website Premium Pixels to get awesome photoshop freebies.
    • The design is by our pal John Fraskos –

    Montblanc – Minimal Creative PSD template download

    Montblanc is a minimal creative theme which is suitable for any project or company’s website with special attention to typography and image content. We are sure Montblanc will help you sharing to the world all you passion and love. Montblanc contains 36 fully layered PSD files (including 6 beautiful Homepages) that are organized properly, so it takes you a moment to find necessary layer and edit it. Theme content is based on 1170 Grid System.

    Template Features:

    • 36 PSD files includes
    • 6 Different Home page variants
    • Easy to customize
    • Well organized layers
    • Clean and elegant design
    • Font Awesome
    • Google font
    • Based on 1170px total grid width

    PSD Files Included:

    • 01_montblanc_homepage_agency.psd
    • 02_montblanc_homepage_static_img_portfolio.psd
    • 03_montblanc_homepage_slider_full_portfolio.psd
    • 04_montblanc_homepage_boxed_freelancer.psd
    • 05_montblanc_homepage_left_menu.psd
    • 06_montblanc_homepage_store.psd
    • 07_montblanc_aboutus.psd
    • 08_montblanc_aboutus_boxed.psd
    • 09_montblanc_aboutus_left_menu.psd
    • 10_montblanc_portfolio.psd
    • 11_montblanc_portfolio.psd
    • 12_montblanc_portfolio.psd
    • 13_montblanc_portfolio_item.psd
    • 14_montblanc_portfolio_boxed.psd
    • 15_montblanc_portfolio_boxed.psd
    • 16_montblanc_portfolio_boxed.psd
    • 17_montblanc_portfolio_boxed_item.psd
    • 18_montblanc_portfolio_left_menu.psd
    • 19_montblanc_portfolio_left_menu.psd
    • 20_montblanc_portfolio_left_menu.psd
    • 21_montblanc_portfolio_left_menu_item.psd
    • 22_montblanc_store_list.psd
    • 23_montblanc_store_list_r_sidebar.psd
    • 24_montblanc_store_item.psd
    • 25_montblanc_store_shopping_cart.psd
    • 26_montblanc_blog.psd
    • 27_montblanc_blog_single_post.psd
    • 28_montblanc_blog_boxed.psd
    • 29_montblanc_blog_boxed_single_post.psd
    • 30_montblanc_blog_left_menu.psd
    • 31_montblanc_blog_left_menu_single_post.psd
    • 32_montblanc_store_lookbook.psd
    • 33_montblanc_store_lookbook_single_post.psd
    • 34_montblanc_contact_us.psd
    • 35_montblanc_contact_boxed.psd
    • 36_montblanc_contact_left_menu.psd



    • the images in the preview are not included in download file.

    Water&Spirit download


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    Water&Spirit Template Design is a creative Website Template which is made specially for multi-purpose .. Like business, Art, Fashion, Agency, Hotel, Health, education, etc..
    It will be suitable to present and showcase your website with realistic and much more professional previews.

    This +18 PSDs High Quality template is completely customizable with well organized Layers, each PSD contain a single page design of the template.
    PSD files contains editable vector icons, shapes, web fonts, font icons and smart objects which are Created with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and compatible with CS3 or higher versions of Adobe Photoshop, and you can totally customize the template colors theme and spacing easily.

    Dimension: 1920 Pixel width perfect for Retina Display with fully customizable elements with a 1170px Grid based.


    • +18 HQ layered PSD files.
    • +3 Home Pages Design.
    • +2 Color Variations.
    • Bootstrap 1170px Grid based.
    • Unique Modern design.
    • Source images included.
    • Retina & Responsive display.
    • Design Elements file included for unlimited layouts.
    • Fast edition via Smart Objects.
    • Fully layered & Organized PSDs.
    • Free Google web fonts & font icons.
    • And much more (coming in the updates)…


    • 01_Home1
    • 02_Home1_Case2
    • 03_Home2
    • 04_Home2_Case2
    • 05_Home_ColorOption
    • 06_Portfolio_Detailed
    • 07_Portfolio_Masonry
    • 08_Portfolio_Classic
    • 09_Shop_Products
    • 10_Shop_Products_Cart-View
    • 11_Shop_SingleItem
    • 12_Shop_Cart
    • 13_Blog_Posts
    • 14_Blog_SinglePost
    • 15_About_ContactUs
    • 16_404Page
    • 17_ComingSoon
    • 18_Elements

    ICONS USED (Font Icons) :


    PATTERNS & Vectors USED :



    • Photos from external sites which are used in the preview images are Not included in the main file package.
    • The Main File’s package includes a Help file for your support explaning these points and elements to guide you using the template:

    Q Creative – The HTML5 Template download

    Time for something different

    A lot of people miss the awesomeness of Flash, us included. Thankfully, modern web technologies have evolved, and now we can create some really awesome stuff that back in the days was only possible with Flash, using HTML5, CSS3, AJAX and Javascript.

    The Q Creative 2015 Edition (HTML5 / CSS3 Template) is bringing some of that awesomeness back: real translucency effect, smoothly animated transitions between pages, beautiful animations, live filters, and much more, while respecting today’s sky high design standards, and using only the latest web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, Javascript)

    Built with HTML5 / CSS3 / JS

    Only the latest technologies were used in building The Q Creative: HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Time to explore the smooth, optimized and interactive experience the Q Creative has to offer.

    Real translucent effect

    The optional translucent effect is probably the star of the show. It’s eye-catching and elegant, and it’s intensity can be easily changed (or turned off) via CSS. Another cool effect the Q comes with is the SATURATION effect, and the intensity of that is also controlled via CSS. Combine them with all the customizability options the Q offers, to create outstanding designs.

    AJAX animated page transitions

    You miss Flash’s smooth animated transitions between pages? We do to. That’s why we decided to kick it up a notch, and we included that in the Q Creative. Of course, you can turn them off easily, but why would you? :)

    Responsive and retina ready

    Responsive is no longer a thing of wonder, but retina ready still is. Well, Q Creative has them both. We know how important it is for you that your visitors have the best experience possible when browsing your website, so we made Q Creative ultra friendly with ALL mobile devices, retina devices included.

    12 totally different menu styles

    From light to dark, from vertical to horizontal, from translucent to flat, Q Creative comes with 12 totally different menu types, that will completely change the look and feel of your website.

    Light and dark content skins

    We included LIGHT and DARK content skins. The great news is that the content skins are not tied to the menu skins. So for example, if you would like to opt for the dark content skin, and mix it with a light menu style, with the Q Creative it’s possible.

    3 totally different portfolio types

    We know it’s very important how you showcase your work, and the Q Creative does that with style. We created 3 different portfolio types for you to choose from. It will be hard, they are all rock solid.

      • Supports 2, 3, 4 and 5 columns.
      • Contains 2 different single project layouts (normal and fullscreen).
      • Optional filters that support grouping (one item on several filters).
      • Supported media: image, slider, youtube video, vimeo video, local video (custom video player) and video with cover (the actual video can be any video type).

      • Supports 2, 3, 4 and 5 columns.
      • Contains 2 different single project layouts (wide and small).
      • Supported media: image, slider, youtube video, vimeo video, local video (custom video player) and video with cover (the actual video can be any video type).

      • Supports 2, 3, 4 and 5 columns.
      • Contains 2 different single project layouts (normal and fullscreen).
      • Optional filters that support grouping (one item on several filters).
      • Supported media: image, slider, youtube video, vimeo video, local video (custom video player) and video with cover (the actual video can be any video type).

    Showcase your photos or videos with style with the Q Creative galleries. We included 3 of them, together with a custom built responsive lightbox. When we build, we don’t play, we go all the way!

      • Supports 2, 3, 4 and 5 columns.
      • Lazy loading.
      • Uses our custom built responsive lightbox.

      • Supports 2, 3, 4 and 5 columns.
      • Optional filters that support grouping (one item on several filters).
      • Uses our custom built responsive lightbox.

      • Mouse move thumb scroll.
      • Optional description (caption).
      • Supported media: image, youtube video, vimeo video, local video (custom video player) and video with cover (the actual video can be any video type).

      • Responsive / Retina Ready (natually)
      • Optional description and caption.
      • Supported media: image, youtube video, vimeo video, local video (custom video player) and video with cover (the actual video can be any video type).


    Q Creative comes with a lot of options that will customize your website to your needs. You can completely change the look and feel of your website by just changing a few CSS settings.

    • Optional translucent effect (customizable via CSS).
    • Optional saturation filter (customizable via CSS).
    • 12 totally different header types, both vertical and horizontal, that will completely change the look and feel of your website.
    • Light and dark content skins, that aren’t tied to the menus (using the dark content skin with a light menu style is possible with Q Creative).
    • 3 content positioning types (left, right, center).
    • 7 page title styles, with 3 positioning types (left, right, center).
    • 5 page section title styles, with 3 positioning types (left, right, center).

    Custom built

    From video player, to scroll bar, to lightbox, to sliders, to parallax backgrounds, to portfolios and galleries, the Q Creative 2015 Edition is custom built. We like putting the extra work into our products to create outstanding value for our customers.

    Secondary content

    The secondary content is a great and creative way to divide page sections. There are 8 secondary contents available (see them live in EXTRAS / SECONDARY CONTENT and CONTACT PAGE)

    • Animated achievements.
    • Social content.
    • Contact form.
    • Client testimonials.
    • Simple map.
    • Extended map with address (features fullscreen map).
    • Client logo slider
    • Video with cover and text (supports youtube, vimeo and local video with custom player).

    Complete set of visual elements

    Create beautiful pages with beautiful elements (Check them live at EXTRAS / ELEMENTS).

    • Icon boxes (5 styles).
    • Tabs.
    • Accordion.
    • Buttons (36 styles, with and without icon).
    • Dividers (10 styles).
    • Call to action box.
    • Progress indicators (2 styles).
    • Pricing tables.
    • Team members.
    • Services with lightbox.

    While we like the Q better without a footer, tastes do differ, so we included a nice footer for those who need it :)


    Version 1.01

    • Minor bug fixes
    • Added keyboard scrolling for custom scrollbar


    Thank you Videezy for the aweosme video.
    Please note that images presented in the preview are not included.

    Konvers | Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme download

    Theme Features –

    • Powered by Redux Framework
    • Customizer compatible – Make theme edits on the front-end, and see your changes instantly
    • Fully Responsive Valid HTML5 theme
    • A+ rating for Google Page Speed
    • Semantic code throughout
    • Choose from over 6 different portfolio index layouts
    • Choose from 5 different portfolio single project layouts
    • Client Logos
    • Choose from a variety of Menu options
    • Looks stunning on ‘Retina’ devices
    • The full Google Web Fonts library to choose from
    • Translation Ready (.po/.mo files included)
    • Lazy Loading Images
    • jQuery enhanced
    • Isotope Filterable Portfolio
    • FlexSlider
    • GUU Custom Post Types plugin
    • PageLoader plugin included
    • Google Maps integration
    • Add Images, Audio, Hosted Video, and Video Embeds (Vimeo, YouTube etc…)
    • Flexslider for your portfolio image galleries
    • Beautiful Icons by ‘Icons Mind’
    • Tested on Multiple Devices
    • Documentation included
    • Demo Content Included
    • Fantastic Support

    Please note: The images on the preview site are not included with your download, they are for illustrative purposes only.

    Changelog –

    v1.0 24.06.2015
      Initial Release